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Biodiesel Mandates Map

Click on each state to de directed to the DOE State Laws page. The laws presented on the the map are generalized, please click on each state for more information.

BIODIESEL B20 B5 B20 (State Fleets Greater Than 15 Vehicles) B20 (State-Owned Vehicles/Equipment) B2 (State-Owned Vehicles) B2 B5(State-Owned Vehicles) B5(State Agenciesand Schools) B5(State-Owned Fuel Stations) B2 (gov. entitiesand state schools) B20(75% Department of TransportationVehicles and Equip.) B2 STOP B20(2% of Diesel School Bus Fuel) (Commonwealth agencies) B2 B20 (State-Owned Vehicles) B5 (Vermont Agency of Transportation, Heavy-Duty) B5 (State Agencies) B5 B5 (DOT Purchases Through MotorVehicle Fund) B5 Blend( 50% of State-Owned Vehicles) B15 (MA Agencies)