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Biodiesel Mandates Map as of 2018

Click on each state to de directed to the DOE (Department of Energy) State Laws page. The laws presented on the the map are generalized, please click on each state for more information. SOV Stands for State-Owned Vehicles, and DOT stands for Department of Transportation.

mandate suspendedsuspension period oversituation unclear BIODIESEL B20 Summer B5 Winter B5 B20 State Fleets Greater Than 15 Vehicles B2SOV B2by volume B5SOV B5SOV B2 SOV B2075% DOTVehicles and Equip B2 STOP B202% volume schooldistricts B2SOV B20SOV/Equipment B5 DOT Vehicles B20 SOV B2 (by volume) B5 Ferries B5 DOT B550% of SOV